Water Logs, LLC, is the leader in stormwater consulting and maintenance. As part of the Infrastructure Solution Services "ISS" stormwater team, our goal is to provide cost-effective rehabilitation solutions and reliable, on-going maintenance and inspections for your stormwater management system.

We are proud to be a part of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) as a Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partner. The GSI industry is dynamic and rapidly expanding. We at Water Logs pride ourselves in our ability to navigate this growing field, and in our ability to contribute to its development through research, innovation, and implementation of best management practices. We consult on restoration projects of all sizes, remediate failing systems, and have the maintenance experience needed to keep today's stormwater management systems functioning at peak performance.

Not sure why your stormwater management system is no longer functioning properly? Receive a compliance or violation notice? Need help getting your stormwater project closed out? Wondering if your property meets new permitting requirements? Water Logs can help. 

Water Logs uses rigorous guidelines as the core of our inspection and maintenance program. We then incorporate additional service items tailored to your specific stormwater management system

and property requirements. This specialized and comprehensive service ensures optimal functionality and adherence to regulatory requirements.

O&M agreements and regulatory permits require documentation of ongoing inspections and maintenance from a qualified partner. Water Logs has developed GPS-based inspections software that is supported by a GIS data collection and storage system to manage your stormwater assets.

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