Data Collection & Reporting

Since regularly scheduled stormwater management system inspections are both imperative for long-term, problem-free functioning and are an essential component of most O&M agreements and permit requirements, Water Logs developed a software solution to satisfy this critical need. The inspection application uses GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of each component of the system so that nothing is missed. Further, inspection findings are evidenced by photos accompanied by the date, time, and location (longitude & latitude) for precision. Any deficiencies noted will automatically generate a work order that is tracked by the system.

The software also employs GIS technology to safely store inspection data for customer-dictated use. The system allows for efficient report generation to compare past findings with current conditions during an inspection or for submission to regulatory agencies or other parties.

Finally, Water Logs is happy to work with you to develop an inspection plan that meets your specific goals. The scope and quantity of data collected during inspections is flexible and limitless!


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