Comprehensive Maintenance

Stormwater management systems require specialized maintenance for optimal operation. Water Logs knows how to keep your system functioning with peak performance through regularly scheduled services tailored to each system -- whether the system includes rain gardens, retention ponds, or subsurface storage basins. This maintenance includes monitoring of all facility components (including plant material, growing medium, sumped inlets, weir walls, outflow control structures, etc.) for proper operations, integrity, and structural stability.

Stormwater maintenance is all we do, so we have taken the time to become experts in early identification and reversal of potential deficiencies, such as clogging and erosion. We're happy to educate you on how your system works and what you can do to reduce future maintenance costs. The long-term relationships we develop with our customers are a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible service. Water Logs has worked extensively with innovative stormwater leaders, like the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and Villanova University, as well as executing hundreds of service agreements with private property owners.

Routine Inspection

One of the most important components of stormwater management maintenance is monitoring. Property owners should have routine inspections conducted several times a year and during rain events by a certified partner with working knowledge of stormwater management systems. Water Logs is licensed and has the specialized testing equipment and experience necessary to keep systems functioning properly. Early identification of a deficiency may be the difference in minor remediation costs versus the ramifications of a system that may fail completely. Sediment clogging, debris buildup, erosion, and other challenges can turn a stormwater management asset into a liability if not properly inspected and maintained.

Stormwater Management Systems

There are many types of stormwater management systems being employed today -- both above ground and below. Water Logs is fully qualified to maintain each and every one of them, including:


  • Bioretention Basins (Rain Gardens)

  • Detention, Retention & Infiltration Basins

  • Filter Media Structures

  • Outlet Control, Diversion & Inlet Structure

  • Porous & Permeable Paving & Surfaces


  • Prefabricated Devices

  • Rain Barrels & Cisterns

  • Subsurface Infiltration & Slow-Release

  • Vegetated Swales

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